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I wish this was around ten years ago.

Premature ejaculation had really put a dampener on my relationships throughout my twenties, with it ultimately contributing to my divorce two years ago.

A close friend one night confided in me that he had the same problem and told me what your program can do, and I haven’t looked back since. I wish I knew about this ten years ago, but you can bet I’m making up for last time now

In two weeks I was lasting at least 20 minutes!

A few years ago I bought a book online and it was completely useless so I was a bit scared of being played again, but seeing your site laid everything down in so much detail I nkew I had a chance to get this problem sorted.

Let me tell you, thank god I gave it a shot. Just so many things I can do to last that I had never even thought of. The chapter about getting in the zone was a complete killer and helped me break through the ten minute mark by the end of the first week and I haven’t looked back since then!

This has saved our relationship!

Hi there. I bought your program for my fiance. He just couldn’t last in bed for any longer than a few minutes. I tried to talk to him but he kept avoiding it. I decided to do some research and went ahead and bought you book. It helped me a lot to learn about what was actually going on with him and helped me talk to him about it. The change since then has been so unbelievable! Thanks so much. Our relationship is so much better now.

That look in her eyes was the best feeling ever.

I’ve only been learning all the skill-sets for taught in the course for a week and I already feel like I can go for ages. I gave my girlfriend a real orgasm for the first time last night and it just blew both of us away. Kate was so understanding about it all before and told me it didn’t matter, but the look on her face last night was the best feeling ever – I could tell she was truly satisfied. Thanks a heap for getting this program out to guys like me!