The Stages Of Arousal Before And After The Ultimate Lasting Course

Now the best way to show you the kind of improvement you will experience after completing the Ultimate Lasting Program is to first break down each of the stages of arousal and walk you through the massive differences between what’s going on now, and what will be happening within a few weeks.

We can break your levels of arousal during intercourse down into 3 separate phases

1. Excitement – This is the first stage of arousal as your excitement level rises once intercourse has begun

2. Plateau – During this stage you will be highly aroused. Your penis fills with blood causing the head to widen your testicles also grow and are pulled up into the body. Your blood pressure will rise and a warm tingly feeling will develop near the perineum.

3. Orgasm – You PC muscle will heavily contract forcing semen into the urethra tube. As these contractions grow in strength you will reach a point where you are unable to prevent an ejaculation from occurring.

Now let me explain what’s going on right now during each of these stages for a guy with lasting problems like yourself each time you have sex.


It may vary slightly from guy to guy but the diagram above represents the progression through the 3 stages of arousal for men who have not yet equipped themselves with the skills of ejaculatory control. Let’s take a look at what currently occurs during each of these three stages.

1. Excitement – During the very early stage of intercourse (or even before it for many of you) your arousal rapidly increases, your breathing quickens and your lower abdominal muscles will automatically tense up.

2. Plateau – For a guy with good ejaculation control the plateau stage will feel great. Where as for men unable to last this stage is often over within a blink of an eye. There is no ‘plateau’, no chance to lose yourself in the moment with your partner, just a quick progression to the point of no return

3. Orgasm – After quickly progressing to this point, you will have a comparatively short and week orgasm and ejaculate

As you can see, when it goes on like this, sex really isn’t much fun for either you or your girl. However you can change things around very quickly once you know what to do and what to work at.

Now take a look at how this will change

Next let’s take a look at the difference in these three stages of arousal during sex for a guy who has spent between 2 to 4 weeks on developing the 7 core skills that Ultimate Lasting teaches.


Now that’s a massive difference, but let me explain the best thing about it.

Excitement stage – As sex begins as you notice your arousal levels begin to raise in a controlled and gradual manner. Your body will be relaxed and your mind confident. You breathing will remain steady and your core and pelvic muscles will remain relaxed.

Plateau stage – Now if you take another quick look at the diagram above you will notice that this is the stage where the biggest change will occur, and that’s great news for you, because the plateau is the most enjoyable once you have confidence in your control. You will be buzzing with arousal and sexual energy while at the same time be able to relax and enjoy all these great sensations in the knowledge that you are still in complete control. I call this “being in the zone” and it’s a key component of what I teach in Ultimate Lasting – It’s a great feeling

Orgasm – Once you have satisfied yourself and your partner and make that decision to reach orgasm you will no doubt notice an added benefit of my system. Your orgasms will be more powerful and go for longer. And I’m not talking about a mild difference – It’s absolutely thunderous, and the reason is simple. It’s because you have developed the ability to harness and control all that sexual energy and tension moving to your ejaculatory muscles and because you it now has 20 or 30 minutes instead of just a few to build up and intensify until you chose to release all this pressure all at once.

These are the typical results guys just like you are experiencing after learning the 7 key ultimate lasting skills sets that I teach in my program. It’s not achieved by magic, but by simply applying a set of straight forwards steps that will let you take back control of both your mind and body each and every time you have sex.

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