Last Longer In Bed Now With These 7 Effective Skills That Any Guy Can Learn

It’s tough for a guy who is unable to last in bed. It’s embarrassing, it’s awkward and it can wreck your self esteem, but here’s the thing – It doesn’t have to be like this. What most guys who struggle away year after year with this problem don’t realize is that it’s completely fixable. Let me show you how to last longer in bed starting right now using 7 key skills that any guy can learn, no matter how bad you think your problem is.

Here’s just a few ways I’ll show you how to last longer in bed…


Next I’m going to show you how you can fix this in quite a bit of detail, but first up I want to make one thing crystal clear.

You are absolutely normal..

OK so you have a hard time lasting in bed, but you need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you. Either in your mind or your body. The only difference between you and the next guy is that you haven’t yet learned the skills needed to fully control your bodily responses during intercourse, and as I’ll soon show you, they’re not difficult to pick up when you know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately however, whether you’re online or off you’re bound to come across bogus doctors, pill peddlers or dodgy web sites all lining up to take your money by claiming that you have some nasty abnormality, a serious condition or even some deep rooted psychological issue that only their expensive pill, spray, book or cream can cure. Well friend, let me tell you something right now…

There’s nothing at all wrong with you

You’re just lacking the knowledge of a hand full of skills that allow you to control and regulate your ejaculation. These skills aren’t reserved for only some guys. I know this because I’ve seen firsthand from the thousands of guys I’ve worked with face-to-face that anyone can learn them.

Let me show you what the typical guy in your situation can achieve in 2 to 4 weeks.

This is how much longer you will last in bed

This is a pretty amazing turn around isn’t it… But there’s more to it than just a diagram, because the key to achieving these kinds of results is by understanding the 3 main levels of arousals and knowing what to do to lengthen each of these. If you are unsure about the stages of arousal and when they occur during intercourse I recommend checking out this page, where I explain it all and show you exactly where your improvements will occur.

This Is How You Will Last Longer In Bed

I’m dead certain this is going to work for you, but you’re going to have to approach it the right way. What we will be working at isn’t about treating some serious medical condition, a psychological syndrome, or physical abnormality because like we’ve just agreed, you definitely don’t have any of those things.

What we will be doing is this…

You’ll be learning a hand full of highly effective methods of training your body to react exactly how you want it to during any sexual situation you encounter. In many ways what you’ll be doing is no different from the way an athlete will build up endurance and skills through coaching and training. It’s the same principles, just with a different application.

These 7 Skills Will Build An Ultimate Level Of Lasting

A big reason why this system has been delivering such remarkable results for so many guys is the way it’s been built up around a foundation of 7 core skills that you can isolate, train, and ultimately master.

All of these skills will work together

Every single one of these 7 core skill-sets I’ll soon be showing you will help you last longer in bed just on its own. For example, one certain skill might give you an extra 2 minutes while for another it could be five. But that’s not where the true power of this approach lies… it’s when you get all these skills working with each other.

Let me tell you about the Tipping Point

Once you learn and start improving one skill your additional abilities will then make it easier to develop all the other skills. Then as you improve in more and more of the key skills everything else will get easier and easier until you will suddenly reach what a few of my clients have nicknamed the “Tipping Point”.

This is the exact moment at which all of a sudden your body starts doing exactly what you want it to. You feel the stress and tension drain out of your pelvic muscles. You increase in confidence. You realize that your body is listening to you. Not only that, it’s doing everything you want it to. Then it hits you – you realize that from this point on you really can control the timing of your ejaculation.

It’s an unbelievable moment

Now unfortunately I can’t promise that you’re not going to get to this level straight away. It will take 2 to 4 weeks from now but the great thing is that practically everyone can reach this level of total control within a relatively short timeframe.


Developed with the feedback of 1000’s of users and based on real science.  The Ultimate Lasting Course is the future of stamina training. It’s here and available now and it gets real results fast.

Succesfully implemented by 1000's of Men...

and now for the good stuff…


Next, we’ll go over all of the skills you’ll soon be developing. We’ll be going into more depth on each one down the page so this is just a quick introduction to each and the key benefits they will give you.

Instant Cool Down Techniques

These are the ultimate insurance policy. You’ll have five separate methods that can each cool the ejaculatory system down a notch when you are reaching the dreaded point of no return. Work out which ones perform the best for you or even use a combination to get yourself back in control fast. No man should even think about sleeping with a woman without knowing these.

  • Gets you back in control fast
  • The confidence of always having a fail-safe

How to put yourself in the zone

A combination of mental and physical steps that will put you in the zone every time. You will forget about your anxiety, your fears, and most of all the clock making time fly!

  • The key to hard pounding sessions
  • Enjoy sex again with no more worrying

Breathing, meditative, and visualization techniques

It’s crucial to get you breathing right before sex has even begun. I’ll show you the correct technique then move on to the more advanced meditation and visualizing techniques. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of spiritual nonsense or anything else like that – just a set of simple steps that lets your mind and body communicate more effectively

  • Keeps critical muscles controlled and relaxed
  • Reduces anxiety and boosts confidence

Techniques and positions

Understand how various positions will influence your ability to last in bed and know when to use each one. You’ll also get hold of three separate techniques that make it easier for you to stay in control while sending your girl completely wild all at once. The girls will love these.

  • Put an end to stopping or even slowing down during sex
  • bring your partner to orgasm sooner and more often

Ejaculatory Muscle Conditioning

Out of everything you’ll learn, this is likely to be the skill set that powers you up a notch to a level of ultimate control where you can last as long as you choose each and every time. Now this will take a bit longer than some of the other skills to master, but once you get it working it’s a complete killer!

  • Control the exact muscles that trigger ejaculation
  • Choose exactly when you want to ejaculate

Stamina Building Exercises

These will let you rapidly develop an ultimate level of staying power. These are basically the bridge between all the new skills you will build and putting it all together into a great performance in bed each and every time.

  • Lets you master all 7 key skill sets
  • Add minutes to your lasting time day by day


The Ultimate Lasting Course

Guaranteed Results

See how the Ultimate Lasting course has helped thousands of men last longer in bed. Men who all used to be premature ejaculators just like you. It’s so successful that 97% percent of men who complete the course last a minimum of 20 minutes every time.

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Why This Approach Is So Effective

While my program has been an overwhelming success, let me tell you, it hasn’t come easy. Everything I show you in the Ultimate Lasting program is based on no less than 12 years of assessing, talking to, and working with men just like you with premature ejaculation. All of the skills, tricks, and techniques and show you are based on a fail-proof scientific approach and have been road-tested and refined on thousands of men.

After having success with my clients I started developing an initial program in 2001. What we had back then was quite good and when tested proved successful for 68 percent of users with the criteria for success being a minimum average lasting time of 20 minutes.

Further development

Well, let me tell you. It’s come a long way since then and what you see in the Ultimate Lasting Program now is light years ahead of that original version.

By continuously taking action on feedback from clients and monitoring their results I have been able to pinpoint the areas where the initial guide was failing by letting some guys fall through the cracks. I’ve totally rewritten the guide a number of times and packed in a stack of improved methods, plus organized sections into the 7 key skill sets making it much easier to start putting to use.

Well, I told you it’s come a long way since then and I’m now really excited to see that a whopping 97% of all men who use the Ultimate Lasting program are able to last for no less than 20 minutes every single time.

But you can expect more than that

Of course, the majority of you will be able to last a lot longer than just 20 minutes. You see most men who use my program generally reach a stage at around the 3-week mark which is best described as the “tipping point” that we discussed earlier. It’s when all of the seven key skills-sets start combining and working together. It’s at this stage when all of a sudden it hits you and you realize that you are in total control and can finish literally any time you choose. It’s a fantastic moment.

Now that I have explained each of the 7 Ultimate Lasting skill sets to you in detail I want to quickly take some time to tell you what you won’t be getting from me…

What the Ultimate Lasting system IS NOT…

I’ve seen plenty of scams and rubbish passed off as a premature ejaculation solution in my time so let’s get things straight on exactly what my system is not!

It’s not about just one guy’s experience

It’s not an old ‘solution’ from the 70s

It’s not about wives tale type tips that don’t work

It’s not about creams, gels, pills, or any other such rubbish

How It Works

1. Download

Download the Ultimate Lasting Course Material now. The whole process is super quick and easy so you can get started straight away

2. Follow the Training Modules

Complete the training modules. Each module focuses on a specific skill with straightforward step-by-step instructions.

3. Complete in just 4 weeks

Start today and you can complete the entire Ultimate Lasting course in just for weeks. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be lasting longer

4. Enjoy Real sex

Once you have completed the course, all the improvements are 100% permanent so you can enjoy real sex every time.

If you’re a details guy like me, here’s where I’ll explain in some more depth about the 7 key Ultimate Lasting skill sets and exactly how they are going to work for you.

Breathing, meditative, and visualization techniques

This is a great place to start because these skills, particularly the breathing techniques can be picked up quickly with most clients noticing improvements straight away.

So many guys with premature ejaculation breathe in completely the way during sex and it’s basically sabotaging any chance you have of being able to last. I bet you’re doing this too, but I tackle this in the first chapter so you can sort this out straight away.

Then once you have built up a solid foundation with the correct breathing techniques it’s time to move on to some more advanced skills that implement facets of meditation and visualization. Now don’t worry, there’s nothing wishy-washy or spiritual about all this.

In fact, it’s all based on medical research and is the most effective way to firstly reduce anxiety and secondly but more importantly to be able to effetely reign control of the inner workings of your body.

These are great because they will get you lasting longer by tonight… But the true power of my Ultimate Lasting program lies in some of the more advanced skills that will take you up to a level where you can last as long as you choose.

Ejaculatory reflex conditioning

Have you ever asked yourself “What is the physical trigger of my ejaculation?”. Probably not if you’re like most of the guys who come to see me.

Now there’s no point in trying to prevent something when you don’t even know what is triggering it. The ejaculatory muscles in your pelvic region are the key and it’s actually the flexing of one very small muscle that is single-handedly triggering your ejaculation.

Now, this particular muscle is, unfortunately, one of the hardest to gain control over but it is possible with the right approach. I’ll be showing you a range of exercises that will help you steadily develop an ability to release the tension from this muscle virtually on call – and remember, when this muscle is relaxed it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate so this is really powerful stuff.

Now some of these techniques are fairly advanced so it’s going to take some practice over a few weeks before you’re really confident with it, but it is something that all men can master. And remember, this is the single most effective skill when it comes to developing total control.

Getting in the zone

This next key skill set is all about putting yourself right in the moment during sex. You see many guys try to last longer by distracting themselves but you may be surprised to realize that this is one of the worst things you can do. What you need to be doing is in fact the exact opposite. It’s all about tuning in and it’s a far superior method.

Now if you’re like most guys a consult you probably won’t think much of this next skill when I first explain it. You may think it sounds a bit spiritual or irrelevant at first but you’ll soon come to realize how powerful this technique can be. Here’s why…

By learning to really tune in to all of the sensations you experience during sex, what this does is it stops you from simply focusing on the sensation in your genital area and transfers your focus to all the other things you will have been subconsciously filtering out. And the best thing is, this method, once you learn it, is the key to being able to sustain deep, hard, and pounding intercourse instead of just weakly poking around like you are probably forced to do now.

Mental control and confidence

There are some specialists that believe that premature ejaculation is purely the result of the mind or the subconscious – But let me tell you now, I’m not one of them. Because everything I’ve seen firsthand with my clients has taught me otherwise.

That being said it’s quite clear the way you manage your thoughts, particularly your fears and anxieties during sex can definitely derail your efforts to last longer, but you have to remember this…

This component of the program isn’t about searching for some deep-rooted mental issue hidden away at the back of your mind because I can guarantee you that there isn’t one there. In actual fact, all guys, whether you experience lasting problems or not can benefit from learning how to manage your thoughts correctly during intercourse.

These mental control techniques I’ll show you are all dead easy to pick up and you can put them into practice straight away, but they really start to come into their own when combined with physical skills I’ll show you. It’s simple really because there’s nothing that boosts your confidence like being certain that you have the physical skills and abilities to perform in any situation.

Techniques and positions

You’ll be amazed at how various positions can affect your ability to maintain control in bed, and the true reason for it is probably not what you think. Now when you start out with the program learning the best positions to use at certain times will make a big difference and let you maintain your pace without any of that stopping and starting a business that your partner hates.

Of course, after a few weeks once you start getting really good at some of the other skills you’ll be pretty much able to pick and choose whatever position and tempo you want but this will keep you covered in the meantime.

I’ve also got some great techniques for you to put to use that will send your girl wild while letting you stay in control. After all, there’s no point in being equipped with all this newfound lasting power if you don’t know how to use it.

Instant cool-down tricks – Don’t even think about getting into bed without these…

I’m sure you recognize that feeling as your arousal skyrockets, your muscles flinch and that dreaded thought that you are approaching the “point of no return” and feel helpless to stop it.

That’s why I give seven separate methods that you can implement at this point to cool your system back down fast. It’ll only take a day or two to learn all of these so they can start making a difference straight away. You can try them all out to see which works best or better still use a combination for even quicker results.

These are also great for boosting your confidence safe in the knowledge that you always have that last line of defense up your sleeve should you ever need it.

Training exercises

This is where everything I have shown you all comes together and you can start making it work for you. You’ll get an easy-to-follow blueprint showing you exactly how you can learn and develop all of these skills and combine them for an even greater effect.

The training exercises I give you can be completed 1 to 3 times a week and it’s OK, you won’t need a partner for any of them. While there are a couple of sets in the latter stage of the program where you can get your partner to join in they will work just as well on their own.

Check out what’s waiting for you inside your copy

Ultimate Lasting Course Book On Lasting Longer In Bed

  • How to control absolutely everything that causes your ejaculatory muscles to tense and trigger orgasm
  • 5 fail safe tricks that will instantly cool your ejaculatory system down and put you back on track
  • A list of 10 techniques and tricks you can use straight away to last longer tonight
  • How to read the messages your body is sending you and react the right way every time
  • Why your should never try to distract yourself from your girl – I’ll show you something far more effective
  • 3 sure fire sexual techniques that let you stay in control all while driving your girl wild
  • Why training the wrong way can make your problem worse. So many get this wrong – I’ll show you the right way!
  • Why your orgasm will be much longer and stronger once you an ultimate laster
  • Why once you’ve learned my 7 key Ultimate lasting skill-sets you’ll be lasting longer than 99% of other guys
  • Three practical ways to eliminate anxiety and nervousness prior to sex with a flick of the switch
  • How to re-wire your ejaculatory system using exercises to withstand the most extreme levels of stimulation
  • An advanced method to release tension form the PC muscle making it literally impossible to ejaculate
  • Why kegals exercises can make your problem worse – I’ll show you the right way to exercises
  • The secrets to remaining in complete control during long sessions of hard, deep and powerful sex
  • And much, much more….

Why it's so popular...

Complete On Your Own

Complete On Your Own

The whole process is 100% private, so you don’t have to tell anyone about this. Plus all the course modules can be completed without a partner.

Complete On Your Own

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Fast Results

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Are You Willing To Fix This Right Now?

If you’ve made it this far down the page you should by now have a pretty good idea about what exactly my Ultimate Lasting program can deliver and whether or not it’s what you need. If it isn’t what you’re after, I’d like to thank you for reading and wish you luck.

However, if you are one of the men who can see just what this could do for you and are ready to get started right now, you might be wondering about how much this solution is.

The Ultimate Lasting program is the culmination of fifteen years of constant work with men like you, studying, teaching, researching and evaluating the precise process of ejaculation and the most effective training methods to develop full control over the whole process.

Get My Ultimate Lasting Program Working For You With Absolutely No Risk

If you go ahead and purchase my program I’m sure it’s going to work just as well for you as has for so many other of my clients. All it takes on your behalf is a few hours each week and a genuine desire to beat this problem once and for all.

If you are willing to put in this small effort it takes then I’m absolutely certain you will see the same great results.

So certain in fact that I will be offering the following no questions asked guarantee

If You Don’t…

  • Build an ultimate level of lasting
  • Have total confidence in your ability to satisfy your girl every time
  • Never ever have to worry about the embarrassment of premature ejaculation ever again

And if you are not 100% satisfied with any part of my program, I’ll gladly give you a full refund with no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you are going to see the same great results!

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Ultimate Lasting On How To Last Longer In Bed By Matt Freeman


Thanks for letting me do my part by giving me the chance to share some of my knowledge and give you a look at what’s possible.

As you can see, I don’t believe in all the marketing and hype that you’ll see elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned it’s all about real tangible results, so you can get this fixed fast and get on with enjoying your relationships and your life the way they should be enjoyed.

After all fifty or so dollars isn’t a lot of money for something this important. But what is truly valuable is the time, trust and belief you will be investing in me and my program, and I can assure you I don’t take lightly. This is why I’ve made such an effort to be as honest as possible about exactly what my program is and what it can realistically do for you.

Now let me fulfill my part of the deal. I have complete faith in my program. I’ve seen what it can do first hand for thousands of men who used to be in your position and I know it can work just as well for you.

Yours Sincerely.

Matt Freeman